Person in charge: eng. Pietro Giuseppe Pagani.

This sector deals with the integrated design and supervision of works of all aspects related to the scope of energy, acoustic, plant and building.

The activity starts with the acquisition of specific competences, constantly updated through training courses regarding the most recent technologies, up to the integrated application of those competences in the final design and construction management.

The design is deepend in its wholeness, synergistically uniting all the areas involved, because we aim to to obtain the different goals of the job with a single process of analysis: we blend energy saving techniques to the most efficient acoustic insulation, integrated with plant design, having particular care to the use of renewable energy sources. The sector besides applies its competences to hydraulic design and hydraulic works in general on a larger scale.

The hydraulic aspect is included in the integrated water service, that deals with the proper competences about the water use from the uptake - treatment - distribution - sewage disposal - final depuration.

Peculiar attention is dedicated at last to the engineering regarding the use of river waters and mountains basins, aimed at the production of electricity.

Last but not least we recall the survey carried out onto hydraulic control of torrents/rivers, to try and decrease those overflow problems we are unfortunately used to see more often in the last years.

Significant is also the realization of fish laddders to always ensure, in every flow condition and above all during lean flow periods, the carryng out of fish fauna vital functions.

The whole process chain is managed by the quality system ISO 9001:2015 coordinated by TÜV® Italy.


Following some cards representative of the main projects carried out.