Person in charge: eng. Giuseppe Fratelli.foto

It is since 1979 that we are working to apply our policy about quality. This in the sense of operating with sobriety and competence to make simple what apparently is hard to understand; this mission is to be accompliced using elementary concepts that are easier to catch if included in everyone's daily context of familiarity. This yearning represents the energy that sets moving the professional organisation IN2A.

The general supervisor trained himself at Politecnico in Milan, obtaining the degree in engineering in july 1979. Since then he dedicated himself solely to the profession, working both in Italy and abroad, without interrumptions.

Relevant are the decades of experience working in international contexts, personally or in joint venure with renowned overseas partners (Italcementi, Siporex, Ercole Marelli, Hamon, Brembo, Saint-Gobain/PAM, KSB), mainly in fields regarding structures, idraulic supplying and plant in general.

It is interesting to note the contact with university through the attendance as an active member of the Commission enabling the professionals to enrol the Society of Professional Engineers, that took place at the University of Bergamo.

Remembering the deadly eartquakes of the last decade, above all the one happened in the summer of 2012 and 2016, I like to recall the great human and professional involvement during the intense survey of the damage and practicability of residential and industrial buildings in the areas hit by the quake. All those activities were performed coordinated by:

the Society of Professional Engineersof the Province of Bergamo, which I belong to;

the National Society of Professional Engineers;

local and national Civil Protection

We readdress to the references and multi-decades on-the-field experiences done to testify the formation process, that locally involved above all the municipalities. The long term experience and frequent multidisciplinary competences acquired are the rock-solid foundations which the high grade of technical and administrative expertise is based on, together with the organization that I am honored to act as chairman of. This excellence is not presumption, but the pleasing reply received by final users of our services; the feedback is given objectivity by the application of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, that is applied to every services offered by the organization.

It is therefore on this professional excellence, never satisfied of knowledge and updates, that the activity of MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISION, VALIDATION of projects ante operam and FINAL INSPECTIONS post operam is based on. Above all in the sector of public administration, following the cogency of recent laws eventually adopted.

Aside the sheer technical scheme, we love to note here the interest in diocesan Caritas of Bergamo and the belonging to the artillery section of the municipality of Morengo.